5 Ways to save for a downpayment
Buyers, Your First Home

5 Ways to Save For a Downpayment

*Note: I am not a certified financial advisor or planner. I am sharing my personal experience. Please consult a financial expert to determine the best path for you. 1. Create a Home  Down Payment Fund. 2. Be Realistic. 3. Rent a Cheaper Place.  4. Analyze Your Expenses. 5. Learn to Live on One Income. 50 Million households spend 50% of their income…

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We spend +18 years in school taking a schedule of classes deemed necessary to succeed in the adult workforce: trigonometry, chemistry, foreign languages.  We graduate with a high school diploma; others gain a bachelors and even a masters.   We end our school careers with this piece of card stock that says in curly letters that we are ready! How to buy…

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