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We spend +18 years in school taking a schedule of classes deemed necessary to succeed in the adult workforce: trigonometry, chemistry, foreign languages.  We graduate with a high school diploma; others gain a bachelors and even a masters.   We end our school careers with this piece of card stock that says in curly letters that we are ready!

How to buy a home is not one of those necessary classes.  Personal finance like budgeting and credit cards was never a subject my teachers broached. My Business degree from the University of Florida luckily exposed me to concepts like amortization and APR.  Most of my peers are not so lucky.

All of us will hopefully always have a roof over our heads and money in our bank account.  Now we need to gain the practical knowledge of how to run our own household and how to manage “adult” decisions like buying our first home.  We graduate with professional head knowledge; now it is time to learn the practical.

Agent Millennial will help shorten the learning curve when it comes to homeownership.  

I was born in 1990 right in the middle of the “Millennial” generation. The Internet, social media, and I grew up alongside of each other.  My husband graduated when the Great Recession began and the job market was nonexistent for new graduates.  Now we are starting our respective careers with smart phones in our pockets and student loan debt payments in our budget.

The Millennial generation are those born between 1981 to 2000.  Some of us still live at home and other are able to strike it out on our own. Our social, political, economic, and financial landscape is new and unchartered territory for us and for our wizened mentors.  We are members of a new millennium that looks different from our parents and grandparents.

Agent Millennial hopes to create a community where we can figure out the new millennium together.

I do not have all the answers. No one does.  I want to journey alongside you as we discover the world of homeownership.  As a licensed Florida Realtor®, I will share my ideas and experiences.  I hope you will share yours as well so we can apply for mortgages, negotiate with plumbers, and save for our future with confidence.  No matter what unknown the constantly changing world throws our way, we will be ready.  I hope to grow the scope of this website as we grow.

For now, I will share what I have learned as a real estate professional and in my personal life and I look forward to learning from you as well.

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