Who is Agent Millennial?

I am a Realtor in Jacksonville, FL and work under Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty.  I began my real estate career at the beginning of 2014 but have had a passion for real estate since I was a child.

Unlike most families, I grew up in a household that regularly invested in real estate. My dad, a real estate attorney,  saw real estate as the best avenue for wealth building. All growing up, my parents were always looking for new properties to invest in.

One of my favorite memories was working weekends in middle school on a run-down quadruplex.  We methodically updated each apartment by ripping out carpet and laying new flooring, cleaning up landscaping, painting walls, and adding other upgrades.  After many months of sweat and work, we finally had reached the end.  Sadly after we finished, Hurricane Charley decided to come and knock down all our hard work.  We were back to square one and on to the next investment! This firsthand experience and others growing up taught me so many valuable lessons that help with my current clients.

After graduating from business school at the University of Florida, I worked for a property management company as the assistant property manager and marketing director.  I daily handled a whole gamut of rental problems – finding tenants, organizing turnovers, determining security deposit claims, etc.  My business degree mixed seamlessly into my new career from marketing new properties to managing tenant and owner disputes.

Our first home

It was during this time that my husband and I bought our first home.  We bought a small 1950s home that needed substantial work. It still had the original fuse box, the bathroom floor was rotted, and the roof needed to be replaced.  It was not our dream home but we knew if we could put a little sweat equity in the house we would be able to upgrade later.  We spent the first years of our marriage fixing it up and eventually sold it for a profit. With my own money on the line, I learned how intimidating yet rewarding owning a home of your own could be.  This experience is what inspired me to start Agent Millennial and pushed me to go into residential sales full-time.

I currently work the Jacksonville real estate market. Because I am in real estate full-time, my knowledge and experience can prevent common pitfalls and help my clients to hedge their risks. I make sure to treat my clients’ transactions with the same care I would my own whether they are buying their first home or selling an investment property.

My biggest joy is helping guide others through the ins and outs of homeownership.  I remember I had so many questions when I bought my first home.  Luckily, I come from a family that understands real estate and could help assuage my fears.  Not everyone is that lucky though.  I look forward to helping you 🙂

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