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Tips for First-Time Homebuyers: How to Start Your Home Search

A frequently asked question from first-time homebuyers is:  How can I start my home search even if I won’t be financially ready until next year? There are two ways to get started: start online research and visit open houses. To begin online research, pick a home search site (Zillow,, etc.) and open an account.  Start going through the map…

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Jacksonville Real Estate Market Update – September 2017

Hurricane Irma Slows the Jacksonville Market September saw a large dip in new listings and continued low inventory.  Homebuyer demand, however, continues to be strong.  Check out the numbers below and click to see how your specific neighborhood fared this month: – Homeowners added 2,271 new listings to the market, the lowest number for any month this year and 20.9% less than September 2016.…

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

11 minutes. That is the average time a homebuyer spends touring.  In those 660 seconds, the buyer is judging whether the home makes the cut.  A seller needs to hook the buyer emotionally within those 11 minutes to attract an offer. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to creating the ideal environment for the buyer is: the seller.  You, the seller, have…

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